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Founders’ Story

Desi Village foods is the brainchild of N. Jagadeesh, and R. Vasanth Kumar. These two co-founders, interested in the food sector, came together for this cause and created a brand with the sole purpose to bring good health to all of our customers. The co-founders completed their education together and were always interested in improving the food sector space. When N. Jagadeesh saw an opportunity and a gap in the supply of healthy food choices in the market, three of them came together to capitalize on the opportunity.

Ever since the company’s launch, there have always been good reviews of our products from our customers. We have served 50,000 happy customers so far. Only their positive response and support make us keep going, even in the tough times. The COVID pandemic was the most challenging time we have ever faced. The dynamic changes in consumer behaviour made it arduous for us to penetrate the market and reach potential customers. When all seemed bleak, something happened. One day we received a call from our customer care about a child who wouldn’t drink milk. The parents said they had a hard time, but ever since the parents started using herbal jaggery powder, the kid has started liking milk. They had called to thank us and could be heard clearly crying. This story gave us a sense of purpose.

Our journey has always been inspired by our customers. In another such call during the Covid lockdown, a customer reached out to us saying she was not able to procure one of our products due to the restrictions and asked us why we can’t set up a store online? In the gloomy times of the pandemic, here was our chance to level up our business and make a greater impact. We were now more than motivated to reach our customers ourselves. This is when we made a decision to move to eCommerce. The continuous support and response from our customers make us not give up in situations like these. For all the accolades and support from our customers, we are very grateful.

But this doesn’t mean we were always riding a joyful wave. We initially faced a tough market penetration in GMT. Another challenge we faced was our lack of experience in distribution and marketing which made it nearly impossible for us to sustain. We learned from our mistakes and are still in the process of learning. We then planned to move to E-commerce and the business ran smoothly. Now that we are certain our products are well received and we are now launching our own E-commerce platform for both Direct-To-Customer(D2C) and Business-To-Business(B2B).

Are there competitors in the market? Yes. But we never cared about the competition, we always cared about delivering healthy, quality chemical-free processed foods to our consumers. We stand strong in delivering chemical-free and best-quality products. There is no compromise on that. The COVID pandemic increased consumers’ awareness of healthy food choices. Now it’s our duty to reach them.

We wanted to produce chemical-free, adulteration-free products, which are made of locally sourced ingredients, and we’re working on our mission incessantly. We’re also planning to launch a line of plant-based Nutraceutical products and kids’ food.

What difference we have made so far…

We were once contacted by a family. This family orders directly from our customer care in bulk for their whole family. Their whole family loves our herbal jaggery! We’re overjoyed when we get such feedback!

There’s one customer whose wife has asthma and they can't use AC or fan at high speed when she tries to sleep. She then started using our Herbal jaggery product. After a month of consuming our Herbal jaggery, the couple saw a difference in the wife’s health. Her medical dose was reduced and she now sleeps comfortably. Experiences like this make all the effort worth it!

Once we received a call from a customer who had a child who was mentally disabled. The parent said their child has trouble drinking milk with almost every possible option available in the market. They once tried to use milk with our herbal jaggery and the child started drinking milk regularly! The parents were so happy with their experience and started crying over the phone. They had called us to say thank you. This is the impact we set out to create! We’re so humbled and grateful.

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