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Jaggery For Healthy Life

Jaggery [Jaggery or gur] is made up of boiling concentrated sugarcane juice till it solidifies. Although jaggery is also made out of the sap of coconut and Toddy palm.
Not only that Jaggery is better than white sugar which only adds empty calories to your body it also has a number of health benefits, including its ability to cleanse your body, aid in digestion and gives good amounts of minerals. So we have some health benefits that will give you gain on everyday purposes:

1. Detoxify the liver:
Jaggery is rich in natural body cleanser further reduces the workload of our liver. Jaggery cleanses and helps the liver by sending out harmful toxins from the body which further supports detoxify the liver.

2. Avoid constipation:
Jaggery boosts the digestive enzymes in your body, stimulates the bowel movements absolutely helps to prevent and relieve from constipation.

3. Cures flu-like symptoms:
Fight for flu symptoms of a cold and cough. For that, mix Jaggery with warm water and drink up, or in your tea instead of white sugar to receive the benefits.

4. Blood purifier:
Major benefits of jaggery, is its ability to purify the blood vessels.

5. Clears menstrual pain:
Its richness in many necessary nutrients is an effective natural treatment for menstrual cramps.

6. Boost-up immunity:
Its antioxidants and minerals which help to increase the total count of haemoglobin in the blood.

7. Cleanse our body:
Jaggery is the best natural cleansing agents for our body so it is advised to eat to remove unwanted particles from the body.

8. Deals anaemia:
Jaggery is rich in iron and folate is beneficial for pregnant women. It makes sure that the normal level of red blood cells is maintained and provides instant energy to the body.

9. Increases intestinal health:
Jaggery also boosts intestinal strength because of its high magnesium content.

10. Decreases respiratory problems:
By taking jaggery regularly, you can avoid many respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, etc.

11. Relief joint pain:
It cures aches and pains in your joints like arthritis and helps to strengthen the bones.

12. Cleans the stomach:
It helps to maintain normal body temperature which develops in keeping your stomach cool.

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